CAthy hyde

Cathy Hyde
I have been overwhelmed by the level of interest and support that has come in since the launch of RESS. This has been long in the planning, and as Chair of the Society, I am so confident of the amazing team of people that are now part of team RESS and will ensure it’s success.
I have worked in frontline animal welfare for more than 20 years, initially with the RSPCA where I was a Chief Inspector and also led the Inspectorate Equine Team, and I am now a Welfare Field Officer for the British Horse Society (BHS). Working in frontline welfare, I have sadly seen some of the worst cases of equine cruelty and neglect. I am passionate about rescue and rehabilitation, and RESS will be promoting the rehoming of rescue equines and demonstrating they can go onto have healthy, happy and successful lives.
We also want to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the rescuers that work tirelessly to rehabilitate and return the most neglected equines to health and happiness. The idea for RESS evolved from the first ever Rescue Classes that were introduced at Equifest. The support given by Betsy and the team there has been so important and we look forward to the return of the Rescue Village at Equifest in 2024.
I want to thank everyone for their interest and support and for all the exciting plans for the future.”