Carey Knox

It was a good few years ago now when Equifest began holding classes for Rescue horses and ponies, which really to me highlighted what had and is going on in some tragic cases.

I have like so many been involved and brought up with horses and yes heard about cruelty cases etc within the horse world, but actually sadly in some ways as it didn’t effect our lives, we sort of put the subject to one side. 

But these classes woke me up to what had and is still going on. 

Competitors came from far and wide all with a story to tell, and the thing that I think so many were shocked by, were the photographs of these poor animals in such horrendous circumstances. Some starved, some left to die at the side of a road, some beaten, some riddled with disease….it went on and on. Now I am a farmer’s daughter and have a pretty tough stomach….but I was in bits whilst reading some of these poor animals history, and looking at the photographs. The best BIT was however seeing these same animals , in the show ring looking so amazing. It was like a fairy tale, with a happy ending. BUT there is not always a happy ending.

When asked whether I would consider being President of a new association for the Rescue Horses and Ponies, I didn’t hesitate,  through the first hand experience of seeing and reading horrific stories I really want to help highlight what has and is going on, and bring to the forefront, and also encourage people to look into perhaps owning and loving a rescue horse or pony

Like anything new,  Ress will take a while to establish itself, but we have some amazing, committed, professional and  experienced people on the committee, top class judges, and everyone full of enthusiasm to promote and grow the society. 

We are hoping over the next two years to build the association, holding qualifying shows throughout the country, and with a final taking place at Equifest every year.

Kind regards

Carey Knox